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Online Betting in NigeriaRecommended betting companys

Can I bet in Nigeria??

Yes, you can! Online betting in Nigeria is available for Sports, Casino and lotto. The best and easiest way to make a bet online is with your mobile phone or downloading a bookmaker or online casino betting app.

And more importantly you can withdraw your money into your Nigerian account or whatever online banking account you hold. The only laws that exist are those that refer to a physical gambling address, an unlicensed gaming parlour for example. Placing your bets online at your favourite online casino or online sports betting site is fully permitted.

Online gaming is becoming a large part of Nigerian society and the Nigerian Government are very pro-gambling. The Lagos State Lottery licenses on-line casinos and sports books as well as the three state run casinos since 2000.

Mobile Gaming in Nigeria

The continued growth of mobile gaming in Nigeria has means that online gaming opperators want to make it as easy for you to take your winnings out of the casino or sports book. Fully compliant with all Nigerian Law, you can make deposits in a wide range of payment processors such as Skrill, Neteller, World Pay, Entro Pay, UKash, EntroPay. And of course offer a range of currencies for you to make your deposit with.

Betting Safely

When deciding who to bet with, our recommendation is to use one of the biggest European online gaming companies. They do not limit your winnings like some local online sports and casino operators. They have the best odds and most easy to use platforms. When it comes to ease of use they have been able to invest millions into the ease of use of their products. In terms of looking after you, they have high regulations and the players safety is of most importance.

Online Reviews

I have reviewed the local Nigerian Online sports betting and casino sites. There are a lot of terms and conditions placed on bets that may limit your winnings. This is a worry, but we have reviewed the payouts and the bonuses to make sure you know all the information before you play.

Betting on the Premier League

The English Premier League is bigger than ever. It is broadcast around the world and the rights are sold for millions of dollars. There are many Nigerian footballers playing in this coming football season which means betting on the premier league for Nigerians is going to be bigger than ever! Our free bets review page will help you decide on which online betting site is best for you. William Hill sports betting site offers hundreds of enhanced betting odds on a daily basis. So a $1 bet could earn you $200 if the results are right